Brainbox Guided Buying Blueprint "Boost operational efficiency and UX with a seamless shopping experience"

What is the Brainbox Guided Buying Blueprint?

The Brainbox Guided Buying Blueprint provides the “Amazon Look and Feel” in SAP Ariba Guided Buying. The packaged solution is designed to increase user experience on the front-end, but also uplift the efficiency on the back-end.

Our solution makes sure that your organization matches commodities with the right buying channel. This process is based on historical spend and input from commodity managers within your organization.

How does the Brainbox Guided Buying Blueprint work?

This project-based solution will provide your organization with the tools to maintain a consistent, efficient, and user friendly SAP Ariba Guided Buying environment. The Brainbox consultants start by analyzing the spend categories. Simultaneously, the input from commodity managers is requested through our category questionnaire. The spend analysis and the questionnaire serve as input for the Brainbox model. This model identifies the most efficient buying channels for each commodity.

To futher enhance compliance, the Brainbox consultants implement policies that will guide users to the most applicable buying channel for each commodity.


Businesses often struggle to find the right balance between user experience and operational efficiency. The Brainbox Guided Buying Blueprint will assist your organization in finding this balance. Our spend analysis gives insight into how users are buying, while commodity managers provide insight into how users should be buying. By following this strategy your organization can reap the full benefits that SAP Ariba Guided Buying has to offer.

Higher throughput for orders in the accounts payable and procurement departments

Gain detailed insight into spend categories

Higher purchasing power due to better guidance in buying channel selection

Consolidated supplier base by providing insight into purchase dispersion

Intuitive shopping experience (Amazon Look & Feel)

Up to 100% compliance with configurable compliance policies

Brainbox Guided Buying Blueprint

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