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Who We Are

Brainbox Consulting is a Talent and Innovation services company redefining the IT Quality Assurance and Procurement industry with smarter, quicker and more efficient solutions.

Established in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, we collaborate with technological partners to design innovative solutions that cater to both people and businesses.

Brainbox offers a full suite of services in Procurement, including buying & invoicing,  with flexibility that fits your financial requirements. As SAP official certified partners, we deliver the best SAP version possible by helping you optimize your purchasing process.

Our Services

Intelligent Source-to-Pay

Brainbox’s Intelligent Source-to-Pay Services are cutting-edge, innovative and smart. With experience spanning 10 years, our consulting services, innovative solutions and customised SAP Ariba Snap Packaged Solution intelligently combines an SAP Ariba product with our expert support services.

Software Testing

Software quality is critical to the smooth functioning of an organisation, and Brainbox’s testing services keeps a business productive and software working optimal and secure. Brainbox offers expert verification in multilingual operations with upgraded testing procedures to maintain and enhance productivy. Our expert personnel and reliable testing procedures ensure proper and continuous implementation and functioning of software for te organisation.


Brainbox’s DevOps Solution and Services ensures efficient software delivery, automated mechanism with innovative strategies and cost-effective measures to minimise business outages and optimise applications. By providing DevOps-as-a-Service (DaaS), automating end-to-end software delivery processes, and ensuring the scalability of enterprises, we enable transparency, collaboration and cross-functionality within the organisation.

Talent Services

Honing and hiring the best workforce for your organisation is critical especially in today’s competitive climate. Brainbox sources top talent for your organisation by in-depth research and understanding of your business requirements and staffing needs. Our talent services scout the best in the industry by acting as your comprehensive staffing partner. Our subject matter expert consultants are assets to your growing organisation.

Benefits Of Working With Us

Powering your business with several years of unmatched expertise in the SAP Ariba ecosystem

Ensuring software quality is a guarantee with Brainbox Software Testing

Enabling DevOps transformation and embedding agility in the business

Hiring top notch workforce with Brainbox Talent Services



SAP Ariba SAP Ariba SAP Ariba "We have engaged Brainbox Consulting on multiple SAP Ariba deployments. They consistently deliver projects at a high standard with excellent customer feedback. Brainbox Consulting has proven to be a trusted partner that exemplifies excellence, professional communication and integrity" Altran Altran Altran "Altran uses the services of Brainbox to help us fulfilling the talent needs of our clients and internal project organization. Their trustworthiness, domain expertise, commitment and pleasant communication is highly appreciated and helps us to grow by hiring only the best knowledge migrants available. We are looking forward to a long and even more successful cooperation in the future"

TIP 1 : BE PREPARED Blogs & News, Talent Services Shruti Gupta TIP 1 : BE PREPARED  
Are you well prepared for Interview? Do check this.

You’ve got a big job interview coming up. This could be it! Your one shot at the perfect job. Feeling anxious yet?
 Do you get anxious / stressed out thinking about the very idea of a job interview? Do you worry your nerves will get in the way......
Brainbox Unboxing: SAP Ariba APIs Intelligent Source-to-Pay Brainbox Consulting Brainbox Unboxing: SAP Ariba APIs SAP Ariba APIs: Developer Portal
The Developer Portal provides access to solution-extending APIs that can make your organization more efficient and effective. From here, you can create applications to make web service calls. These calls can take place in various modules of SAP Ariba:

Ariba Network
Strategic Sourcing
Supplier Management

Prerequisites of using......
Ariba Feature Release 2011/5 Intelligent Source-to-Pay Brainbox Consulting Ariba Feature Release 2011/5
Supplier management
Managing supplier certificates
SAP Ariba Supplier Management is a solution for managing supplier information, their lifecycle,  performance, and risk in one place. It also provides a smart intuitive workflow to guide supplier selection, qualification, and segmentation process, with proactive ongoing monitoring of your suppliers. Additionally, suppliers can make use of Modular Questionnaires.
Modular Questionnaires
Modular supplier......
What is Intelligent Process Automation? Blogs & News Brainbox Consulting What is Intelligent Process Automation? What is Intelligent Process Automation?
Intelligent process automation (IPA) is the new upgrade to the basic automation. It is the next level in the ongoing growth of process automation with machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing (NLP). Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) is the combination of technologies that come together to manage, automate, and integrate digital......
Why Has No-Code Automation Taking Over? Software Testing Brainbox Consulting Why Has No-Code Automation Taking Over? What does No-Code mean?
No-Code Automation is a new approach by creating automation tests which allows the user to test an application without writing a single piece code or script. The aim is to make the setup so easy to use so that automating a test scenario takes less time and require almost no coding......
Ariba Feature Release 2011/4 Intelligent Source-to-Pay Brainbox Consulting Ariba Feature Release 2011/4
Support for multiple-line RFQs in Guided Buying
SAP Ariba introduced an extension to request for quote (RFQ) forms. It is now possible to request multiple lines within a single RFQ event. This eliminates the necessity to merge services & goods together and/or create multiple RFQ events when sourcing multiple line items.

The current form remains available......
Ariba Feature Release 2011/3 Intelligent Source-to-Pay Brainbox Consulting Ariba Feature Release 2011/3
Standing orders in Guided Buying for SAP integrated sites
What is a standing order?
A standing order is a type of purchase order (PO) that can be requested to gain the permission to purchase with a certain supplier to obtain specific goods/services during a specified period.  Once your PO is processed and approved by the Purchasing......
Low-Code Vs. No-Code: Real Difference? Software Testing Brainbox Consulting Low-Code Vs. No-Code: Real Difference? What does Low-Code mean?
Low-Code automation platform is a software development technique that require minimal to no coding knowledge to allow the user to automate processes in the application. Instead of using boundless coding language, Low-Code platforms use visual interfaces with simple logic and drag and drop features so that users can make use of......
Ariba Feature Release 2011/2 Intelligent Source-to-Pay Brainbox Consulting Ariba Feature Release 2011/2
SAP Ariba Guided Sourcing
Recently SAP Ariba released guided sourcing, a more intuitive interface to help you setting up sourcing events quicker and easier. In Addition to last month’s blog, we will cover some more features that are offered with this solution.
For you

In the previous blog, we covered the single page event creation where......
What is No-Code Automation? Software Testing Brainbox Consulting What is No-Code Automation? What is Automation Testing?
Automation Testing is a method of using an automation tool to execute the test case suite. The automation software can also enter test data into the System Under Test, compare expected and actual results and generate detailed test reports. Testing and Quality Assurance are the fundamental processes in software development. If......
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